Small activity report: Autumn 2016 + Year 2017

Conference organization

Industrial transfer

Invited researchers

Project Reviewing and Evaluation Committees

Françoise Baude

Conference/Workshop Organization and Program Committees

Ludovic Henrio
    PC Chair: ICE 2017, ICE 2018
    PC member: PDP4PAD 2016, WAO’17, TASE 2017
Fabien Hermenier
    General chair Compas’2017
Fabrice Huet
        PC Member : Big-Data 2016/17, MOD 2016, SmartData 2017, DSS 2016/17
Francoise Baude
    PC Member de HPCS 2017

Editorial Boards

Francoise Baude: TSI, until oct 2017

Participation in External PhD and HDR Juries

Francoise Baude
    PhD, president of the jury: Cyril Cecchinel UCA, nov 2017
    HdR, president of the jury: Sara Alouf, UCA, dec 2017
    PhD reviewer: Jérome RICHARD, ENS Lyon, LIP,  dec 2017
Fabrice Huet
    PhD reviewer: Resmi Ariyattu, Towards Federated Social Infrastructures for Plug-based Decentralized Social Networks, june 2017.
    PhD jury member: Bo Zhang,  Self-Optimization of Infrastructure and Platform Resources in Cloud Computing, dec 2016

Involvement in Master Programs

Francoise Baude

Projects and contracts

“Major" publications

* Behavioural semantics for asynchronous components.
R. Ameur-Boulifa, L. Henrio, O. Kulankhina, E. Madelaine, A. Savu
Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming, Volume 89, June 2017, Pages 1–40

* Trustable Virtual Machine Scheduling in a Cloud
F Hermenier, L Henrio - SoCC 2017

* A Survey of Active Object Languages
Frank De Boer,  Vlad Serbanescu, Reiner Hähnle, Ludovic Henrio, Justine Rochas, Crystal Din, Einar Broch Johnsen, Marjan Sirjani, Ehsan Khamespanah, Kiko Fernandez-Reyes, Albert Mingkun Yang
ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR) 2017

* Analysis of Synchronisations in Stateful Active Objects.
Ludovic Henrio, Cosimo Laneve, Vincenzo Mastandrea. IFM 2017.
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10510. Springer.

* Multiactive objects and their applications
Ludovic Henrio and Justine Rochas
Logical Methods in Computer Science, November 21, 2017, Volume 13, Issue 4

* Florian Bruse, Martin Lange, Étienne Lozes. Space-Efficient Fragments of Higher-Order Fixpoint Logic. RP 2017: 26-41

* S. Demri, É. Lozes and D. Lugiez.  On Symbolic Heaps Modulo Permission Theories.  In  FSTTCS'17, Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics. Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik, 2017. To appear.

* Giovanni Neglia, Hlib Mykhailenko, Fabrice Huet. Simulated Annealing for Edge Partitioning, WKSHPS 2017

* Hlib Mykhailenko, Fabrice Huet, Giovanni Neglia. Comparison of Edge Partitioners for Graph Processing,  CSCI 2016

* Hlib Mykhailenko, Giovanni Neglia, Fabrice Huet. Which Metrics for Vertex-Cut Partitioning?, Dec 2016

* Ge Song, Justine Rochas, Lea Beze, Fabrice Huet, Frederic Magoules. K Nearest Neighbour Joins for Big Data on MapReduce: A Theoretical and Experimental Analysis
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2016, 28 (9), pp.2376-2392.
*  Monitoring as-a-service to drive more efficient future system design. Transactions on Cloud Systems, 2017
Frédéric Lemoine, Tatiana Aubonnet, Ludovic Henrio, Soumia Kessal, Eric Madelaine, Noëmie Simoni


Defended PhDs

Ongoing PhDs

Scientific results and ongoing research topics